DIY: Satin skirt with slit

One of the summer's biggest trends this year, which has received a lot of attention on social media, is the classic satin or silk skirt. It is incredibly nice, and not least comfortable to wear in the summer, with its thin and soft material in the form of satin or silk. However, the Danish summer is about to fall, but we have nevertheless compiled a guide on how you can easily make your own beautiful skirt using our satin and silk fabrics. In addition, we also provide some tips on how you can choose to style it so that it can be used for fall. And who knows if it won't be a hit for next year's summer either?

The photos show our model Isabella in a homemade skirt made of satin. She is a size XS and is 1.60 cm. high. Be aware that the amount of fabric to use depends on your height and how long you want the skirt.

What you will need:

1. A piece of fabric, satin or silk

2. Elasticated waistband

3. Sewing thread that matches the color of the fabric

4. Sewing machine

5. Scissors

Here's how you do it:

1. Measure your waist, hip width and length as you want on the skirt (Remember a few cm. For laying and side seam)

2. Fold the fabric as you cut the fabric out to your goals. Cut out a front and back piece.

3. Sew the two pieces (back piece and front piece) together on one side.

4. If you want a slot on the other side, sew the fabric together down to the point where you want the slot to begin.

5. Divide the seam at the side to give a 2 cm stitch.

7. Try the elastic to be used at the waist,to find out how long it should be. The elastic should be stretched and tight enough to hold the skirt up, but it should also feel comfortable. Approximately 3 cm should be used to bend.

8. Sew the elastic to the wrong side and fold the elastic to the wrong side when sewn on.

9. Finally, you put up the skirt, this can also be done with needle and thread in hand.



We have gathered some ideas on how the skirt can be styled for the colder days. Take a look at the pictures below and get inspired ...