DIY: Sew your own eco-friendly shopping bag

Protect the environment by making your own shopping bag that you can use over and over again, thus avoiding buying plastic bags when you shop. To make the bag more environmentally friendly, you can choose a sustainable material, such as linen. If you want to add your own creative touch, you can choose to decorate your bag with fine details.


What you will need:

1. A piece of fabric

2. Handle, 2 pcs. (You can choose to sew them with the same fabric as the bag, or choose a completely different fabric to create some contrast)

3. Thread that matches the color of the fabric

4. Sewing machine

5. Scissors

6. Where applicable. a couple of needles.

We recommend using these fabrics for a shopping bag:

Linen, cotton, poplin or muslin 


If you want a slightly stronger bag that is more durable, you can choose to sew it inside.

Here's how you do it:

1. Cut the selected fabric into two identical pieces the size you want the bag. For example, 40 x 50 cm.

2. Then cut out the fabric selected for the gloves, according to the width and length appropriate for your bag.

3. Place the two pieces of the bag right to right, ie with the purl upwards.

4. Sew the sides together.

5. Sew a stitch on each bottom side.

6. Turn the bag so that it no longer faces with the purl outwards.

7. Plug if necessary. a stitch at the top of the edge of the bag.

8. Sew the handles to each side. You can choose to sew the gloves on the inside or outside according to what you think looks best.


There are many easy and nice ways to decorate your bag. You can choose to sew a motif or decorate it with ribbon. See for example ours decorative ribbons. You can also choose to sew small pockets on the outside, so you also have room for your little things. If you want a more personal decoration, you can choose to paint on it, or make a print of your children's hands.


Tip: Sew a bag for your children as well

A bag like this would also be great for sewing for your kids. The bag can, for example, be used for sportswear or sportswear. You can also hang it in the children's room for storage for toys or teddy bears. See ours children textileswith great children's prints.

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