DIY: velour pillow cover

Velour are both known as beklædningsstof, but also, in particular, as møbelmateriale. The last few years, we have seen much of velvet, both when it comes to clothes, but also in connection with furniture and home accessories.Velvet has a very soft fløjsoverflade, which makes velvet a incredibly comfortable material. The unique surface also makes the velour for a nice material that will look beautiful in the home.

We have therefore made a guide to how you can easily sew your own gorgeous cushion cover of velvet. If your old sofa cushions are in need of a new twist, you can choose to ombetrække them, and thus give them a new life. You can also choose to make a brand new pillow that matches the pillows that you already have in your sofa.

We recommend to use our solid colour velvet with stretch, or our velvet with floral prints and stretch.Do you want some more colors, you can use our velvet with floral print and stretch. 

What you need:

1. Velour fabric

2. Thread, which fits to the color

4. Sewing machine

5. Scissors

6. Sewing needle

7. Pudefyld or an old pillow that you want to ombetrække

How do you:

1. Find the objectives for the pillow, as you want to sew a new pillow case for. (Example 50x50 cm)

2. Cut two pieces out that fit your goals, so you get a and back piece. Alternative you can lay the fabric double, when you cut it out, so you only have three pages, where pudebetrækket be sewed together.

3. Turn the fabric toward the inside, i.e. with the velour side against each other.

4. Sew three out of the four sides together.

5. By the fourth and last side, sew a few inches on each side. Remember that the opening should be big enough that you can fill pudebetrækket.

6. Turn pudebetrækket, so it no longer turns with the inside out. Fill pudebetrækket. (Swipe if necessary. pudebetrækket before you fill it, if it is curled)

7. Sew the last piece in the hand with a needle and thread.

8. As a garnish you can possibly. add some buttons, which allows the pudebetrækket a little extra deltaje.


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