At G&M we have a wide selection of fabrics. We have therefore compiled a guide to our different fabrics. This guide contains bl.a. how our fabrics are produced. In addition, we have also gathered some ideas as to what our fabrics can be used for.



How is cotton produced?

Cotton is made of bomuldsplanter, which makes that cotton is one of the most widely used fiber in the world. There are several different types of cotton. The most useful are the mexican plant Gossypium hirsutum. This is used just for the production of clothing. When the fibers are processed, consists of nearly pure cellulose, a natural polymer. China, India and the UNITED states are the three countries in the world where the production of cotton is the highest.


Cotton is a very soft material which makes it comfortable to wear. A large part of the cotton we use is svedabsorberende, which makes it very useful. Cotton is also one of the fabrics, which dry quickly and are easy to be swept up.

What can cotton be used for?

Cotton, with its many properties is used for several different things. Cotton is generally a big part of our everyday life, since cotton is used for both clothing, towels and duvet covers. When it comes to clothing is cotton, most used in the T-shirts, jeans, stockings and underwear. This is because cotton is a material that is nice to have close to the body.

Our tip:

you Should throw yourself into a new project, why not try to sew your own T-shirt and put your own stamp on it?

If you are looking for something new for your home, then cotton perfect for the duvet cover, and by sewing your own, you can get exactly the color or pattern you want.

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 How is silk manufactured?

Silk is a natural fiber like cotton. Silk is produced by using the silkelarver, which is silkesommerfuglens larva. Silkesommerfuglen tribes from the Northeast of China. When silkelarven produce silk threads, are silketrådende assembled in bundles, which can then be dyed and woven. Today they produce silk in several different countries, including Italy, Thailand, India and the UNITED states.

 The properties of

Silk are known for being a luxurious material, as silk is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. Silk is also known for its smooth and shiny surface. Silk has also temperaturregulerende properties, which means that it can cool the body down when it is hot. In addition, silk is also a breathable and supple material.

 What can silk be used for?

Silk is used for many different things. We often see the silk in connection with the scarves, ties, dresses and skirts. Silk is an extremely fine material, and if one should try forces with a new project, silk is an obvious choice.

Our tip:

One of the easy projects could be a scarf, or if you have the courage it, a nice skirt be the good choice. Silkenederdelen have been incredibly popular this summer, and who knows if the also get a comeback for next year's summer. Otherwise it can also easily use this fall, with a pair of pantyhose underneath.

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How is velvet made?

Velvet was originally made of silk, but today are manufactured velvet, most often of the knitted or woven cotton. Velour can also be made of synthetic materials such as polyester.Velvet is manufactured by a special trådningsproces, which provides the unique fløjsoverflade.


Velvet has a very soft fløjsoverflade, which makes velvet a incredibly comfortable material. The unique surface also makes the velour for a nice material. Velvet can both be obtained as a strong material, but also as a thinner material. The strong kind of velvet can therefore be quite durable.

What can velvet be used for?

Velour is both known as beklædningsstof, but also, in particular, as møbelmateriale. The last few years, we have seen much of velvet, both when it comes to clothes, but also in connection with furniture, as f.ex. armchairs and sofas. Velour can also achieve a more luxurious expression, if you choose to use the velvet for a suit or a nice dress.

Our tip:

Missing your sofa cushions a new twist? Then you could consider sewing them a new and comfortable pillow case with our velour.Or you have an old pouf, or an old arm-chair? Give it a new life, by ombetrække the with velour in a beautiful color.

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How is polyester manufactured?

Polyester is made of oil and natural gas using advanced chemical processes to be transformed to plastic and further processed and finished to the synthetic fibers.


Polyester is a material that is very easy to care for. Polyester does not tend to shrink in the wash. It is a strong material, which makes it very useful. Polyester is also easy to clean. People often use polyester in blend with other fibres such as cotton. When you mix these two fibres, one obtains something that is even stronger and more durable.

What can polyester be used for?

Polyester is also a material that is used for many different things. Polyester are mainly used for sports and fitness attire, but we also see often polyester in a blend with cotton. When polyester is blended with cotton, it can be jackets, T-shirts or pants. Find your next polyester in many colors and patterns here