INSPIRATION : New to the bedroom

Have you run out of inspiration for how you can create a cozy and more inviting bedrooms? Fear not, for we have in this blog posting a number of creative ideas for how easy and easy on yourself can give your bedroom a whole new look using our textile. So let you inspire the images below, and take a look at our textiles, which you will find directly links to.


Nice decorative pillows are a clam for the bed. A few decorative pillows make the bed more dimension and make it more inviting to look at. The good thing about sewing the pillows is that you are free to choose colors and patterns. So you can put your decorative pillows together, just as you want them to. If you already have a couple of pillows that need to be retracted, it is also an incredibly easy and cheap undertaking to throw themselves into.

These textiles, you can use for decorative pillows :



A bedspread gives a classy classy look on the bed. There are several different types of bed blankets in a lot of different materials. A bedspread is also incredibly easy to do yourself and is often cheaper than if you are going out and buying a bed blanket in good quality. When you select a material, you can choose to buy a little extra, so you may have enough for a pair of matching decorations.

These textiles, you can use for bed blankets :


Bed sheets

Don't you want to spend a fortune on a new set of bedsheets? If you choose to sew it yourself, it's often easy to find cheap textiles, which at the same time has a high quality. A giant plus is also that you have the free reins to put your own mark on your bedding. For example, you can select a different material, but at the same time, you're incredibly comfortable. This could be velour or satin, as it gives a more styled expression to your bed.

These textiles, you can use for bedding.

Our musculins are particularly suitable for bed sheets, and if you want to indulge your children with a new set of sheets, you can also have children's prints.


Gardiner is incredibly important in a bedroom. Well, most of us might just have the classic shades or the blinds. But if you want a couple of curtains that give you some more style and fun in your bedroom, then it's a great project to throw yourself into. The good thing about drapes is that they last a long time, and if you get tired of the color, you can just replace them, sew up some new ones. The important thing about sewing his own curtains is to choose a material that closes as much light out as possible. In G & M, you can find the cover-up substance in a large selection of colors, which is the obvious metric item for a pair of curtains. As a fine detail, you can choose a gardinstang, for example, gold or silver.

These textiles, you can use for curtains :



A sack of sheets adds the price to the cake to your bedroom. It's an incredibly nice touch for the bed, and if you choose the right material in the right color, it can play well with a couple of decorative pillows. If you're going out to buy a nice bed-going street, the price is most often in the high end. But lucky for you, it's easy to make your own. It only takes a record (available in building markets), which is tracted with stuffing and substance. As a detail, you can add matching buttons, which also provide a nicer expression.

These textiles, you can use for your bedside.

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