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Decorating goes hand in hand with the fabrics, and a nice pyntebånd as the crew puts the crown on the work. Missing your project any contrast, or looking after you for something, which brings together colors, a pyntebånd help make the difference. Pyntebånd are available in many shapes, colours and fabrics and throws a unique look of your latest project or an old pair of pants. See the range of ribbon and other haberdashery with us, and throw the weight over your projects.At G&M we are constantly looking for ribbons in happy colors and beautiful patterns. Ties to your syprojekt which makes it something very special. It can be kantebånd in the wool for your new poncho, but the elastic bands to the completion of the blouses or dresses we have also many of the.All in beautiful ribbon and tape to your syprojekt.

Choose between sequins, vævmønstre and plisséer, and let yourself be inspired by the pyntebånd with motifs and print. Ribbon with fringe gives your clothes the movement and revives the used jeans and stofjakker. Pyntebånd can also be used for decoration of bags, tablecloths and other textiles that you feel need to be freshened up. Sew garneringen on the edge of the pant legs and sleeves, or use a tekstillim to surfaces and as a quick and viable solution.