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Bomuldspoplin er et fint stof, som oftest bruges til skjorter. Poplin kan også bruges til børnetøj, kjoler, sengetøj eller duge. Poplin er et tæt vævet stof, der ligesom enkeltvævet, konstrueres i den samme tykkelse tråd i skud og kæde. Poplin kan have en silkeblød, let og blød fornemmelse og blive mere stramt ved strygning. Hos os finder du både ensfarvet poplin som du ser her, og poplin med print og mønstre.

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What is cotton?

Cotton is made from cotton plants, making cotton one of the most widely used natural fibers in the world.The use of cotton for clothing can be traced back several thousand years. There are several different types of cotton. The most useful is the Mexican plantGossypium hirsutum.This is just used for the production of clothing.The cotton fabric is made by picking small hairs that surround and protect the cotton seed on the cotton plant. Then it is spun into thread or yarn, which is then woven into textiles. It is this seed-wool we use to make yarn and textiles.When the fibers are processed, it consists of almost pure cellulose, which is a natural polymer. China, India and the United States are the three countries in the world where cotton production is highest. Cotton is a very soft material that makes it comfortable to wear. Much of the cotton we use is sweat-absorbent, which makes it very useful. Cotton is also one of the fast-drying fabrics that can easily be ironed.With its many properties, cotton can be used for several different things. Cotton is generally a big part of our everyday lives, as cotton is used for clothes, towels and duvet covers.When it comes to clothing, cotton is most commonly used in T-shirts, jeans, socks and underwear. This is because cotton is a material that is nice to have close to the body.Cotton is characterized by the fact that it is very durable, breathable, soft and comfortable. Cotton has the disadvantage that it can absorb a lot of water and is therefore not recommended for eg. outdoor use.

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Our tips for cotton

If you are going to embark on a new project, why not try sewing your own T-shirt and making your own mark on it? If, on the other hand, you are looking for something new for your home, then cotton is perfect for duvet covers, and by sewing your own, you can get exactly the color or pattern you want.

Tips for washing cotton:

Cotton opens at high temperatures and therefore has the best of being washed at 95 degrees, so the soapy water can flush through the fiber and remove the dirt in the cotton. However, it is important to read the washing instructions! It is different what the individual cotton product can withstand max. temperature. We have made this easy for you, because you can see washing instructions on all our fabrics. Cotton can withstand both pressing, rolling, cleaning fluids and ironing at high temperature - but no higher than 200 degrees.


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