Bomuldssatin er i 97% bomuld og 3% elastan, vævet af fine bomuldsgarner med en satin vævning, som giver et finere og mere glansfuld udtryk. Derudover bidrager bomuldssatin vævningen også til et mere slidstærkt sæt sengelinned, til brug i beklædning og andet møbelovertræk som holder farven i længere tid – vask efter vask. Satinvævningen vil du ofte opleve som det lækre hvide hotel sengetøj, når du f.eks. er på storbyferie.

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What is Cotton Satin?

We have most likely all had a set of satin linens. The kind of satin where you could hardly lie in bed as the bed set was so slippery that you slipped out of bed every time you moved the least. Am I right?This is a polyester satin bed linen. Polyester - is a very durable material, but unfortunately not very breathable either. Many people have therefore been mistaken for the satin weave as they have only tried the polyester satin weave. The satin weave can provide a really nice set of bed linen if woven from cotton.

What is Cotton Satin Made of?

Cotton satin is made from 97% cotton and 3% elastane, woven from fine cotton yarns with a satin weave that gives a finer and more glossy look. In addition, cotton satin weave also contributes to a more durable set of bed linen, for use in clothing and other upholstery that lasts longer - wash after wash. You will often experience the satin weave as the delicious white hotel bedding when, for example. is on a city break.

But you can easily get hotel luxury in your own bedroom. More and more Danes have opened their eyes to the cotton satin weave and you can eventually buy it in many different places. So if you're dreaming of a luxurious sleep experience and your comforter needs a little extra pampering, you should do yourself a favor to try our delicious cotton satin linens - you'll never sleep in anything else! Be aware that cotton satin can also be used to make clothes and other home decor such as pillowcases.

Cotton satin wash tips

Cotton satin should be washed in the same way as any other clothing. However, how often you wash your clothes is individual. But if you are basically healthy and healthy we recommend that you wash your clothes 1-2 times a month. the clothes are washed at 60 degrees, so dust mites and bacteria die. If you suffer from asthma or allergy you should wash your clothes every 14 days. In addition, if your cotton satin is made of bedding, then it is recommended that you use a roll mattress, which you can also wash sometimes a year.