Chiffon hos G&M er et fint og smukt stof og med sit bløde fald, er det et fremragende stofvalg til kjoler. Hvis man leder efter en metervare til syning med en god pris, kan man altid forlade sig på et stort udvalg af farver i chiffon stof af polyester. Hos G&M finder du ensfarvet chiffon stoffer i mange forskellige farver, men også chiffon med mønster og print.

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What is chiffon?
Chiffon is a woven fabric and can be made of different materials such as cotton, silk, viscose and synthetic fibres. At G&M you will find mainly chiffon in polyester, as it often has a slightly higher abrasion resistance, takes well to color and has a reasonable price.Chiffon is a semi-transparent quality with a chunky case, which is suitable for both dresses, tops and blouses.The material is nice and breathable and are thus ideal for weddings held in the summer heat.

Tips to wash chiffon
How, exactly you should clean chiffon, depends on which material it is based on. Generally, it is a very delicate fabric, so you should only wash it when it really is necessary. Vaskeinstrukserne depends on the material source, so be sure to check the instructions on the vaskeanmærkninger. Machine wash silk-chiffon requires koldtvandsvask at around the 4 degrees and should be washed for themselves. Use the mildest wash cycle and add a little mild detergent and wash it on the shortest program in order to avoid fading in the fabric.

Tips to sew in chiffon
because of chiffonens ease it can be a challenge to sew in, and you can easily find that the seams in the chiffon progresses or goes up. But fortunately there are also afford for it. For example, you can choose to sew the clothes together with French seams, which are more durable because trevleenderne are locked in and thus don't wear out on. Not least is the French seams also more discrete, so that the seam is not as visible through the often transparent chiffon.

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