Hos G&M har vi forskellige fleece typer med bred udvalg af farver og mønstre. Vi har bla. Polar fleece og Coral fleece. Coral fleece er en ekstra blød fleece, der er voluminøs og elastisk. Det har en stor varmeisolerende effekt, samtidig med at materialet er robust og holdbart. Fleece holder dejligt varm og tørrer meget hurtigt. Derfor bruges det så meget til blandt andet pullovers, huer, sjaler, jakker hjemmedragter og babytøj. Så blødt og dejligt, som det føles, er Fleecestoffet også perfekt til tæpper, puder og sengetæpper. Polar fleece er en ekstra kraftig og blød fleece. Denne polar fleece er anti-pilling, hvilket betyder, at stoffet er behandlet, så det ikke fnugger når det bliver brugt. Det har en stor varmeisolerende effekt, samtidig med at materialet er robust og holdbart. På mange måder minder Polar fleece om Coral fleece.

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Stay warm with fleece

Fleece is a wonderfully warm and comfortable material, perfect for thick sweaters and blankets for the cold autumn days. We sell different types of fleece as fabric products, such as Coral fleece, which is particularly soft and pleated in the texture, which makes it extra comfortable to wear. This type of fleece is really good for fleece blankets, sneakers and even robes whose main features are comfort and warmth.

Fleece is perfect for children's clothing

Micro fleece is very suitable for children's clothing as it is softer and smoother than other types of fleece. It is also sweat transporting. Fleece is a very comfortable piece of fabric as it is easy and soft to sew, but at the same time it is a very sturdy and hardy material that does not tangle. This makes fleece a really good beginner fabric, so you shouldn't be afraid to embroider yourself in fleece sewing. One of the other properties of the fabric is its incredible ability to insulate heat as well as transport moisture and sweat, which is why it is particularly suitable for eg skiing, a cool day on the riding track or as an extra layer of insulation under a thick jacket. Our fleece is available in a multitude of colors both with and without print, and you can find something for both children and adults. In addition, it is treated with anti-pilling, so you get rid of nonsense in the fabric and instead get a fabric that retains its smooth texture. You will also find fleece in the range, certified with OEKOTEX 100, which is your guarantee for a completely allergy-friendly product. Most people have experienced the comfort and joy of wearing a fleece sweater or blanket when it is cold. Make your own fleece rug, which is perfect for lying in the car or for those cool evenings on the patio. You can also sew a cute, plush teddy bear in a fleece for a kid in the family. There is a sea of ​​possibilities with fleece and therefore no excuse not to throw yourself in with the beautiful material.