Isoli og joggingstof egner sig perfekt til en afslappet og komfortabel mode. Vores isoli er med den klassiske ruet bagside. Vi har kun de bedste kvaliteter og det er med garanti. Sweatshirt stof har været moderne i mange år og er det ikke mindre i dag, hvor det bruges til alt fra bluser, kjoler og joggingbukser til de meget populære one pieces. Denne alt-i-en beklædningsgenstand er stadig in hos både børn og kvinder. Nu kan du nemt og billigt sy jeres one pieces selv med sweatshirt stof fra G&M.

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Sweatshirt fabric

Sweatshirt fabric has been modern for many years and is no less today where it is used for everything from blouses, dresses and jogging pants to the very popular one pieces. This all-in-one garment is still in the in both children and women. Now you can easily and cheaply sew your one pieces yourself with sweatshirt fabric from G&M.

Isoli and jogging fabric

Isoli and jogging fabric are perfect for a relaxed and comfortable fashion. Our isoli is with the classic roughside. We only have the best qualities and that is guaranteed.Who doesn't remember when, as a kid, you jumped in that delicious soft jogging set. Isoli is found in different kinds; the thin - French terry, or the wobbly scratch, which is almost a must in the cold season. It comes with beautiful patterns and fun shapes, glitter weaving and colours found throughout the scala – it's hard not to love it. Here you will find different isoli qualities in many different colors and with prints for both children and adults, suitable for sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, trousers and similar clothing.

Washing tips for jogging, sweatshirt and ice oil

Do not use softener and keep the centrifugation at the low revolutions and keep the fabric better in shape. The substance may be placed in vinegar water before use to prevent possible loss of colour.