Gabardine har mange facetter! Dette beklædningsstof ser velsoigneret ud, uden at virke overdressed. Det kan bruges til alt og er let at arbejde med. Skal det være fint, kan du sy elegante dragter af Gabardine. Grovere varianter af stoffet egner sig fint til jakkesæt og endnu tungere kvaliteter kan bruges til frakker og jakker. Flere informationer kan findes under produktsiden.

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Gabardine fabric

The word gabardine has been used to refer to the "dress" page 1590s. It is used on the "tightly woven fabric" side 1904.

Gabardinehas many facets! This garment looks blessed, without seeming overdressed. It can be used for anything and is easy to work with. Should it be fine, you can sew elegant suits by Gabardine. Rougher variants of the fabric are well suited for suits and even heavier qualities can be used for coats and jackets. Characteristic of all kinds of Gabardine is the diagonal weave structure, the so-called canvas bond, which arises from the weaving. You can buy Gabardine fabric products at, as different materials and we are constantly expanding our range.


The fibers used to make gabardine is traditional crested yarn, but can also be cotton, textured polyester or a mixture. Gabardin is woven the trend page out of or kiper, with a clear diagonal rib on the front, and a smooth surface on the back. Gabardin always has many more inserts than trend threads. Cotton curtains are often used by tailors to made for to pockets in suits where things in the pocket would otherwise quickly slide into the pocket. Cloths made of gabardine are usually labeled with clothing needed chemical cleansing as it typically is woolen textiles. Gabardine can also refer to a twill woven fabric used for gabardine or for raincoats made from this substance.