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Among G&M hobby items you will find a large selection of cotton yarn in many wonderful colours.

Crochet is fun and time-lapse. It's also good for the soul. It is easy to enjoy crochet when, for example, you have to make cute teddy bears for the little ones in the family. You can also create beautiful decorations for Christmas, Easter and for many other events. It always gives a little extra when you can see ornaments created by crochet. With our cotton yarn, there is no limit to what you can crochet. Everything from clothes and ornaments, to teddy bears and mittens.

Cotton yarn

There are many ways to crochet, but one of the crochet methods that never goes out of fashion is knitwear. In our webshop we sell knitting yarn for all seasons, for all occasions and for every style. Whether you want delicioussoft cotton yarn and we will also soonreflex yarn, woollen yarn, durable sock yarn,light silk yarn and linen yarn, exciting power yarn or yarn to felt with we sell it online. As an added bonus you can buy it cheaply! Kill multiple flies with one stone and make online purchases here.

The best quality on the market

We all love delicious products of good quality, which is why G&M can find yarn and other materials in very good quality.For many, good quality means a lot of money and there can't always be room for it in the budget. Here we believe that good quality is for everyone. Therefore, we cannot only ensure good prices all year round. At the same time, we ensure that you can continuously find additional bargains and sales that are not to be resisted. The delicious quality remains the same even if the price drops. This allows you to save a lot of money or the opportunity to buy a larger number of yarn keys without paying a penny extra. Finally, we can ensure you a good service every time you make your purchase of yarn.