Hos G&M finder du imiteret ruskind og læder i høj kvalitet. Vores ruskind har et blød og slidstærkt overflade. Vores læder har et glat og ligesom ruskind et slidstærkt overflade hvilket gør, at det udseendemæssigt ikke adskiller sig ret meget fra ægte ruskind. Tekstilerne egner sig både til beklædning som nederdele, jakker og bukser. Derudover kan de også bruges til mange andre kreative ideer og projekter, som puder, duge og andre dekorationer.

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Large selection of imitation skins

, A cheap and modern alternative to real fur is fauxleather and imiteretruskind. Here it is about the kunststofbelagte fabrics, which are offered as fabric. You can get faux leather in various qualities like leather. So will be the Nappa læderets smooth surface, ruskindets soft feel or the heating characteristics of the lammeskindet eftergjort. Everything after the application is leatherette wide usable: Whether it is for jackets, coats, skirts and trousers, or as a robust material for bags and furniture. The vegetable variant of kunstlæderet is the so-called SnapPap - læderpapiret. SnapPap contains no PVC or BPA, can be used in connection with food, and can for example easily be used as a bag for lunch. All kinds of artificial leather can be processed with the open edge, as they are not shredding.

Tips for the care of the faux fur
You can relatively easily clean the leather with warm water and a light soap solution. Try first washing liquid is in a less visible place before you get started! Some grades can also be washed in the washing machine, as evidenced by plejeanvisningerne on individual products. On all leatherette color can refresh itself with special farveholdige creams. Note: the Leatherette in bright colors is very delicate to dark clothes (f.ex. jeans) and not possible to clean with rensningsmidler. Avoid, therefore, contact.