Klassisk jacquard jersey i en strækbar og tæt vævet kvalitet. Super flot og lækker jacquard jersey med mønstre. Tekstilerne er bløde og lækkert at have mellem hænderne, og har et blødt tungt flot fald. Det der gør den meget velegnet til coatigans, bluser, kjoler, tunika, nededel, cardigan osv.

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What are jacquard fabrics

There is more to the jacquard weave than just an opportunity to weave complicated floral patterns. The special feature of the Jacquard loom is that it uses a hole card system to weave as detailed as it does. The big difference between the jacquard loom and other looms is that Monseiur Jacquard managed - with a hole card - to program the loom so that it almost knows what to do.

What is jacquard suitable for?
Jacquard is not only suitable for classic indoor decoration such as curtains and pillows. The dense weaving is also strong enough for light padding. Due to the method of manufacture, the pattern of jacquard fabrics is always seen on both sides, only with the colors in the reverse order. In addition, in this fabric fine and complex patterns can be woven with a large pattern report, which allows for exclusive decoration ideas. The fabric is characterized by great firmness and good form stability, at the same time it falls soft and is useful for many purposes. Jacquard fabrics are woven on a special weave: They can be off natural fibers such as silk, wool, cotton and flax or off synthetic fibers such as viscose, polyester or blends.

Tips for washing offjacquard

You can wash some jacquard fabrics yourself. However, in order for the fabrics to retain their appearance in the long term, so that you can enjoy the fabrics for as long as possible, professional cleaning is recommended. If you do the washing yourself, set the temperature for the most delicate fibers during the subsequent ironing: Only iron at low temperatures, silk and wool can be ironed at medium temperatures, and cotton and flax at higher temperatures. Preferably iron on the back and without pressing. If you iron from the right side anyway, it is recommended to use an ironing piece.

Virtually all of oursjacquard isbi-elastic- and thus a comfortable and even stylish.The elastane content of the fabric makes it particularly stretchable, so you can stretch it in all directions without losing its shape. Bi-elastic fabrics are particularly comfortable as they adapt to any body shape. All ours jacquard is eco-tex certified.