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Kiper fabric

Kiperis simply the fabric one uses for pants. The popular cotton fabric is especially durable, durable and easy to hold. The best known Kiper fabric is Denim, of which your jeans, for example, are made. Kiper fabric can be known by its oblique weaving, and as for Denim, on the diagonal lines of white and blue. In addition to trousers, you can also finely sew children's clothes and sturdy work clothes of Kiper.

Kiper is a type of textile that is woven in a pattern with diagonal parallels ribs (opposite satin and plain weaving). This is done by letting the ice loading thread pass over one or more of the trendwire, and then under two or more trendwire and so on. In addition, there must be a "step" or offset between each row, giving the characteristic diagonal pattern. As a result of the structure, the Kiper weave fabric generally provides a good drape.