Der findes mange forskellige slags knapper – både de praktiske og dem til pynt, og dem der skal kunne begge dele. Uanset hvilken slags knap, du skal bruge til dit DIY-projekt, så finder du garanteret nogle i vores udvalg, du kan bruge. Vi har nemlig samlet et kæmpe udvalg i alle mulige størrelser, farver og former. Hos G&M du se et stort udvalg. Vi udvider løbende vores sortiment.

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There are many different kinds of buttons – both the practical ones and the ones for decoration, and those that should be able to both. No matter what kind of button you need for your DIY project, you'll probably find some in our selection you can use. We have collected a huge selection in all possible sizes, colors and shapes.


Eye buttons are sewn firmly with sewing thread through a small eyelet or eyelet on the back of the button. These buttons are perfect for decoration, but can also have a practical function-to open and close – so that the clothes can be taken off and on.


Buttons with holes are probably the most common. They can have two or four holes, and they are sewn quite simply by sewing sewing thread through the holes. This makes the thread visible. They are often used in shirts, blouses and children's clothes.



Have you decided to use eye buttons in your DIY project, choose between material, function and appearance. Having decided to use buttons with holes, you should also choose the number of holes-two or four.

  • Material: Eye buttons can be made of natural material - such as wood or bone – plastic or metal or a combination of one or more materials. It depends a lot on the purpose and taste, what material to choose. Plastic buttons are available in a much more varied range than both natural and metal buttons.

  • Feature: Should the buttons act as a closing mechanism, should they be for decoration, or should they both? Buttons can usually both. But it is clearly more important to look at the appearance of the button if they are to serve as an ornament. However, some buttons may have such special shapes that they can be difficult to get through a buttonhole, and then it might be better to choose another one if the button also has a practical function.

  • Appearance: The appearance is important if the button can be seen. But it is not certain that you need to choose a color that matches the clothes, it may be that a contrasting color fits better. Or it can be a neutral color, but with embossing or applied beads. If the button is for children's clothing, it may need a motif or a figure from the children's world. Is the button for a woolen coat, a piece of furniture or a pillow, you may need to consider a button that is upholstered in fabric.

  • Number of holes: It is a matter of taste whether you choose two or four holes. However, it with four holes can often be attached closer to the garment than the one with two, so it is more difficult to open and close. And this can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.