Double Gauze stof er et dobbelt lag af gazelignende løst vævet bomuldsstof; også kaldet musselin eller muslin. Stoffet har et helt enkelt, fantastisk let og organisk udtryk. De to lag musselin stof er med lette sting og i et regelmæssigt mønster syet sammen, hvorved tekstilet nu fremstår som ét og ikke længere er så transparent. Den løse vævning giver et åndbart, svalende og luftigt udseende samtidig med det dobbelte lag giver stoffet en vis tyngde og godt fald. Stoffet passer super godt til børnetøj, grundet den bløde fornemmelse. Stoffet irriterer ikke huden, derfor kan det let bruges til at lave bukser, trøjer samt andet beklædning til børn.

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What's the clam?

Early on Musselin was discovered as a modest man and has now been celebrating his revival for some time. The supersoft fabric of pure cotton impresses with a wonderful, soft fall. In this way Musselin is perfect for all airy and soft-falling garments such as blouses, tunics, dresses or skirts. Even the little ones are happy with a pair of new pants or a scarf of the soft Musselin, so it may be for a suckling cloth or a cloth.

100% degradable shellfish

Cotton, like linen and hemp, is biodegradable at the end of its life, but cotton is one of the most environmentally demanding crops available. The cotton industry now uses more than 25% of According to the World Health Organization, approximately 20.000 people in developing countries die of cancer, abortions due to cancer. chemicals sprayed on conventional cotton. Cotton production requires almost 2.500 litres of water to produce a single T-shirt, which again puts a great deal of pressure on the environment.There is a growing market for organic cotton which will mean 0% insecticides, pesticides and other chemicals that will alleviate the high mortality rate in developing countries.At G&M we have a wide range of cotton and jersey delivered by suppliers from Berlin and Paris. We feel a great responsibility in this area, which is why our cooperation has arisen, with regard to the work involved in producing cotton.

Our tip:

If you're going to embark on a new project, why don't you try sewing your own T-shirt and putting your own brand on it? On the other hand, if you're looking for something new for the house, cotton is perfect for dune design, and by sewing your own, you can get exactly the color or pattern you want.

Tip for washing shellfish:
The shells open at high temperatures and are therefore best washed at 95-degree levels so that soap water can wash through the fibre and remove the dirt in the cotton. However, it is important to read the washing instructions! In fact, it is different what each cotton product tolerates at maximum temperature. We've made that easy for you, knowing that you can see laundry instructions on all our appliances. Cotton can withstand both pressing, rolling, cleaning fluids and high temperature ironing, but not above 200 degrees.


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