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A touch of elegance! The transparent and colorful shiny Organza fabric is a delicate and fine fabric. Organza is a thin shiny fabric that was originally made from silk, but today it is also available in synthetic variations made of polyester or nylon.

Therefore, it is especially suitable for party attire such as wedding dresses, ball gowns and other party dresses. But Organza is also very popular as a curtain and decoration fabric because of its fine sheen, airy lightness, and at the same time firm feel. You can find the Organza fabric product in solid color, two-toned and as curtain fabric.

For parties, organza fabric is used primarily as table runners, chair loops, door decorations and rice bags. In addition, it is easy to sew costumes of festive and cheap textiles - for example. a skirt with a matching shawl for a princess.

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