Satin er et populært stof, med en særlig type vævning. Satin er et flot og skinnende materiale, hvilket gør at satin på mange punkter ligner silke. Satin kan bruges til mange ting, da satin er et behageligt materiale. Satin bruges derfor til alt fra tøj til sengetøj, gardiner og sengetæpper. Hos G&M finder du et bredt udvalg af satin i forskellige farver. Vores satin er let og holdbart, og derudover giver det et flot og præsentabelt look til dit næste syprojekt.

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What is satin?

Satin is one of the finest and densest weaves to be found. The result is fabric that is incredibly soft and smooth. You can get both cotton, wool and silk in satin woven versions. Satin is especially suitable for aesthetic garments, but also for things like bedding, tablecloths and table runners. A great piece of fabric for exclusive events. We sell a wide range of different types of high quality satin for different purposes as well as in different colors and patterns.


Satin can be used for a sea of ​​projects

Satin woven fabric with glossy surface is a really suitable type of fabric for party dresses. Therefore, we negotiate a special type of partysatin, which is of extra thick, semi-glossy quality and with a nice fall. For party dresses you can also use microsatin, which is light and glossy and has a soft fall. Microsatin is also suitable for tops and for the stylish and elegant pants and skirts. Evening dresses offsatinsmiles glamorously and exclusively. A real eye-catcher for the next party or a big ball! Due to the smooth surface and the fine fall, the satin fabric sneaks to your figure and especially comfortable to wear. With its high quality, the satin fabric can also be used fine for wedding wear. Within home textiles, you can use satin for bed linen.


Washing tips for satin

If you decide to wash the satin on your own, you should choose a very mild detergent. There are detergents specifically designed to purify satin.You can wash satin as a gentle wash in your machine, but be aware that it is risky. The material must not be caught by anything in the machine and damaged. Hand washing is the safest method. Use cool or cold water and a large basin or bathtub. Add detergent to the water and soak your satin for 5 minutes. Turn the clothes off and gently flip the dress around and rub the soap foam into the fabric (on the back of the fabric). Then rinse this with cool or cold water.

Let it air dry and use towels
The best way to dry satin is to put it on a clean, dry cloth. Then roll up the towel and squeeze any remaining water. Then roll it and place it flat on another dry towel and allow it to air dry. Hang or put it away from direct sunlight or heat.