Softshell er en fællesbetegnelse for al yderbeklædning, der er vindafvisende og modstår en smule regn, men som ikke er vandtæt, og ofte heller ikke 100% vindtæt. Vi har et stort udvalg af softshell som er vind og 100% vandtæt. Softshell kommer i et væld af forskellige materialer med hver deres niveau af slidstyrke og vindresistens, og at vælge den rette softshell er nøglen til at få det bedste ud af sine inder- og mellemlag, og holde kropstemperaturen i balance.

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'Softshell' is a common denomination for all outer clothing, which is windy and counterpart a bit of rain, but which are not watertight, and often not 100% wind up. Softshell comes in a wool of different materials, each with their level of slidestrength and wind resistance, and to select the right one ; softshell is the key to making the best of its Indian and medium-layers and keep the body temperature in balance.For example, if it is cold weather and windy, it is often necessary to have high wind resistance, so as not to get too quickly cooled off by the wind, but even here is a fairly close softshell Often more than enough. And if you're active, for example, 5 or 10 degrees, it will only be an advantage to let a little wind pass through the outer layer. If it's even warmer, or if the level of activity is high, you can sometimes completely do without softshell' one, and settle for using your middle layer as the outer layer.

At G & M, we are increasing our sortiement of substances and also the software shell. You can therefore come with us, and we will have new materials on the way.

Watertight softshell

The quality of the software is produced in a spirit-dbart polyester material with fleece on the back. The quality is protecting against cold and transporting the moisture away from the body.  The quality has a recrability of 3000 mm and a water density of 5000 millimetres. The quality is suited to outfits such as jackets, suits, sport noise and the like. We offer the quality of both the same color and the melange.

The exterior material is essential for the task force and the weight. Most. softball be made in nylon or polyester, but more traditional ; softball in cotton or cotton / polyester mixtures, still has its entitlement. In short, you can say that cotton-and nylon-softball are the most durable stas, while polyester is softer and binds less water. Cotton ties most of the water, then it's wet, it's a long time to dry. This is also the heaviest material of the three. If you need a feather jacket to take the wind on a run, hiking, to the jolk or to the race of the race, where there's either the big wear on the outside or the weight is a high priority, a whole thin line will be taken. softshell be a good choice. If you need a working jacket or a pair of working pants to the forest, to the fjord, or to ski or climb, it would make sense to pick one. softshell with a stronger exterior material.

Leading under the software shell

When you're active, you sweat. You can't go around that. The higher the activity, the more you want to sweat. Here, a nice, nice, rotating Indian and middle layer will make sure the heat and the moisture are diverted away from the body. But if the outer layers are too close, will moisture condensation and remain in the system, and you will be wet and refrigerated! To activities where you know you're going to sweat, that's why it's about having so much. a little a resistant outer layer, as is permitted by the conditions. We often talk about 'breathtaking' or 'breathability', but do not sweat, 'breathability' is not enough. Here we need help from outside, and then the 'air permeability' is the key word : simply to allow the right amount of wind to pass through the outer layers and allow the wind to help transporting moisture and excess heat away from the body.