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Fabrics are a collective term for our many different types of fabrics and textiles. Under this category you will find, among other things, velvet, cotton, jersey, wool, polyester, silk, lace and much more. Therefore, it is only the imagination that limits your new project. The home may need a refresher in the form of a new tablecloth, new curtains or new beautiful cushions for the sofa? Find the meter item that will be the starting point for your new housing project.Our many fabrics are intended for you who love to sew. We are the supplier of different and exciting meters at the best online prices in Denmark. At the same time, we have a large range of accessories. G-m.dk is always the guarantor of fabrics in the best qualities, here we do not compromise. And then don't be fooled by our super good service and helpfulness.Be aware that different materials have different properties. You should therefore consider which substance is ideal for your project. Imagine that you want to sew clothes for baby, but choose a material that does not give up.


With our wide range of fabrics and textiles, it is important for us to focus on the good quality. Our fabrics are therefore produced from good materials that do not burden the environment. Special cotton, as seen in our jersey fabric, is a natural fiber that is biodegradable. In addition, we have our Polyester, which is a fine plastic fibre, but which is also recyclable. Polyester fibres are also very strong, which means that the material has a high durability. read more here