Taft er et glitrende materiale, der er let og blødt. Oprindeligt blev taft lavet af silke, til de fine damers kjoler, men nu laves det af syntetiske fibre så som polyester. Taft er et taknemmeligt materiale, hvor du nemt kan sy noget der ligner en million, for få penge. Det bliver brugt til galla tøj, afdansningsballer, kostumer osv. Den oprindelige betegnelse kan spores tilbage til en bestemt væv, hvor tynde vævetråde står tæt ved hinanden og en tyk sluttråd lægges ind. I elegante aften- eller gallabeklædninger eller i dekorationer finder taft sin hyppigste anvendelse.

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Taffeta is a sparkling material that is light and soft. Originally, taffeta was made from silk for the fine ladies' dresses, but now it is made from synthetic fibers such as polyester. Taffeta is a grateful material where you can easily sew something like a million for little money. It is used for gala clothing, dance balls, costumes, etc. The original designation can be traced back to a specific weave where thin weave threads are close together and a thick final thread is inserted. A rib structure is formed which gives the fabric its typical appearance. Today, the fabric is most often woven in canvas binding and gets its appearance and firmness through the material and equipment. In elegant evening or gala attire or in decorations, taffeta finds its most frequent use.Taffeta as an outer fabric can consist of silk (silk taffeta) or chemistry (eg nylon, polyester, viscose) or mixtures. In addition to solid-colored taffeta, there are also color-printed or embroidered taffeta. In addition, taffeta with altered surface structure is produced, e.g. with Moiré effect or as Crash, which is a term for wrinkled fabric taffeta. Intricate jacquard pattern is rarely seen.

Taffeta can be used for many things

Just as silk or polyester -TaffetaThe fabric is used both for clothing, often as a taffeta dress as part of the evening fashion but also as a taffeta curtain in the decoration area. It is characterized by its firm hold and the typical shiny surface. The taffeta fabric, which is produced in canvas binding, comes in various variations: Crashed, patterned, changing or embroidered - with us you will find a large selection.

Washing tips for taffeta

Taffeta should be groomed according to its composition.
Chemicals such as polyester etc. can withstand machine wash at 30 ° C with up to 800 rpm. If the fabric is embroidered or very fine, you can put the fabric in a wash bag in the machine. Silk cloth must be chemically cleansed or washed very carefully by hand. When ironing, always iron on the back with a low temperature (1 dot) and the fabric should be sprayed minimally with water, otherwise stains may occur. Crush taffeta must never be ironed