Gør et ekstra godt køb med vores mange stærke tilbud, som du finder her på siden. Her finder du fx tilbud på udvalgte stof metervarer og bånd. Så elsker du at være kreativ og sysle med forskelligt håndarbejde, er vores tilbud lige noget for dig. Og hold godt øje med siden - vi opdaterer løbende med nye, gode tilbud til dig.

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, Cheap fabric

If you are on the hunt for cheap fabric you have come to the right place. At G&M we get daily new fabrics in and keeps therefore the ongoing sale of older drugs. Here it is possible to make a good trade for example, if you are chasing the cheap jersey fabric, cheap silk or cheap fabric by the metre. It is not necessarily because it is bad or outdated substance that is on offer, it is just that in order to provide you with the best. It comes you to the good so you can find delicious cheap drugs.We often buy good parties both in denmark and abroad - and send much like the bargains on, so is that advice for fun, or to get tested a new pattern of.When you buy fabric online get imagination completely free rein. Depending on the fabric, it can be used for both clothing in the form of dresses, sweaters, pants, skirts, etc., but also to f.ex. tablecloths and upholstery on furniture. Many drugs are available today with digitalprint, which can dress your furniture really well. If you are ferm on your fingers you can also easily sew your furniture covers, or maybe you need new curtains. It's only your imagination can hold you back, for the beautiful and colorful fabrics you can buy right here.

Fabric sale

We have a sale on fabric, so we can constantly have an up to date selection of, for example, jersey fabric, upholstery fabric, wool fabric, and much more. It is not only the jersey fabric sale, but also a long other substances we have on sale. For example, you will find typically the bomuldsjersey on offer, viscose on offer, the silk on offer, the upholstery fabric on offer and pailletstof on offer and generally a lot inexpensive fabrics, among many other qualities.The substances are our entirely normal grades, but at reduced prices. The prices are reduced, for example, because we want to provide storage space to other substances, or because we have bought the extra fabric home for a good price, as we so, lets go on to our customers. We have gathered all stoftilbud here, so you can easily keep track of them and pick out. Fabric is not just fabric. Fabrics are available in many different grades and types, and with different print and color. Here at G&M stofsalg we strive to always find the most wonderful fabric substance so that you can make the best creative things. We will also endeavor to be at the top in both quality, customer service and selection when we compare ourselves with other stofbutikker online.

Take advantage of the opportunity to get started with a syprojekt to thediscounted rate.

Offer at the substance

Keep an eye on the page here, where all our offers are visible. Our offer of course applies to both on net and in the store - because the G&M has prismatch on the net! So if you do not when, to get the fingers in just what you are hunting for on g-m.dk. In this category you will find many different fabrics on offer. The page will be continuously updated with new offers where you can save a lot of money.