Hos G&M kan vi godt lide stof i gode kvaliteter, og det må man sige at uld er. Vi går ikke på kompromis med kvalitet, hvor både vævning eller strik er i orden. Uldens egenskaber er fantastiske - og uld kan faktisk bruges hele året. Vi bestræber os altid på at have det største og bedste sortiment, så du hele tiden vil kunne finde det du søger. Hvis vi ikke har den rette uld, så skriv til os og vi vil i de fleste tilfælde bestille den hjem.

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Put yourself in the warm wool coat and despite the cold - wool can be used a lot and depending on the quality and processing can be very soft and cozy. Pure wool comes from sheep and is often used as a synonym for woolen fabric. Wool fabrics are especially suitable for the production of women's and men's clothing, such as trousers, blazers, skirts,blouses, dresses and suits. For slightly finer suits and business attire, you should also sew in top quality fabrics. This soft and delicious wool is the ideal companion for autumn and winter. When cold, the wool conducts sweat, from activity such as skiing, away from the body and stores it in the fibers. When it is hot, the sweat is stored in the fibers in the same way and evaporates slowly as you cool down and the wool and body regulate the temperature.Another valued property of wool is its natural resistance to microbial growth, ie it does not smell. Wool can be worn for many days in a row without it starting to smell the field of sweat, which is nice when you go on a trip for several days and do not have the space or weight for a new t-shirt for every day.

Wool prevents sweat odor

It is not actually sweat that smells, but the bacteria that grow when you sweat. When you have wool on the body, the sweat is led away from the body and into the tight fibers. They are so thin that there is no way for the bacteria to grow. This feature allows you to wear the long wool underwear for more days than synthetic before it starts to smell.In recent years, wool has spread to also be used in more performance-oriented sports such as running and cycling, where synthetic layers have typically been used. But wool is not just wool. Wool is available in a variety of types and qualities that are made into a variety of materials with different properties. Therefore, wool is of course also available in a number of different price ranges.

Wool has a number of properties that make it suitable for use in changing weather conditions and different intensity levels. The natural material breathes well, carries sweat away from the body and helps regulate the temperature - even if it gets humid. In addition, wool is flame retardant, does not smell and is naturally bacteria resistant.

When sewing in wool

Patience, extra thin needles and sharp scissors are simply the best you can arm yourself with when sewing wool and thin quality materials. It is a living material that requires great patience and wool can easily run if you are not aware. The sharper your scissors, the better opportunity you give yourself to make great finishes. Additionally, make sure your fingers are not dry as dry skin can easily cause your wool to fray and run its course. Your nails should also be completely round with no edges as they can also grab a thread that can be difficult to get back on. There are therefore a number of points to pay attention to when sewing in very fine materials such as wool.