Vores velboa er af 100% polyester. Da stoffet er af polyester, er den derfor meget slidstærk og kan bruges flere gange uden at tabe form eller farve. Klassisk, blød og fin velboa til fremstilling af tæpper, kæledyrsprodukter, babytøj, kostumer og andet boligindretning. Derudover er vores stof let at bruge og let at pleje, er maskinvaskbart og bevarer sin struktur efter vask.

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Velboa is made of faux fur fabric that is especially versatile for this type of fabric. It is robust and comes in many solid colors as well as patterns. Blankets, pet items, baby clothes, costumes and stuffedtoy animals are just some of the many possible uses for velboa.

Use velboa as carpet or animal costume

It is not only suitable for a realistic animal-looking, because it is a low fake fur, but its strength also makes it an ideal for other purposes. Velboa, for example, is a 19-year-old. perfect as a floor or bedspread.Velboaalso used specifically for the production of costumes. It can be used as a costume to squint a tiger or panther.  Velboa fabric can therefore be used to from interior decoration to a costume that uses the imagination forward.Clipping the material can also be used to make ears or a tail.Velboa is considered a safe drug choice for infants and is very soft. Baby clothing, such as small coats, is a popular way to use the material, and it can also be used to make sleeping bags for children.