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Velouris a tekstiltype that is velvety in the surface. On the woven bottom is short and close-fitting pile that stands straight up. It is used as both furniture as beklædningsstof. Velouren is very flexible and has a heavy beautiful case.

Velour is a really nice material that is both durable and at the same time very soft and nice to touch and feel against his skin. It is particularly this softness, it was. has made of velour as used on children's clothes, where it is gentle and gentle against the sensitive barnehud.Velvet has very many good features and it is among other things, velours, soft, elastic and sometimes glossy surface which is highly valued.

A luxurious quality with a beautiful skin (a la silk, which gives a really nice case. You can use velouren to sew loose fitting pants, blouses, tops, skirts and turn-of-the dresses for both everyday and party, and the quality is also useful for beautiful rugs for the home. When you sew garments and the like, of velvet, you must remember that all stofdele must be in the same direction with luven up. The fabric should feel smooth and soft when you run your hand up along your creative project.

Do you want to iron the velvet, you should put the fabric twice, and swipe from the back of the fabric, so velourens luv can work itself into the other and consequently not being pressed flat and destroyed.