A wedding is a big thing. It is the ultimate proof of love between two people. And this day must of course be made into something special. It will we at G&M really like to help with, and therefore you can here find all kinds of fabric for your wedding. Look ago through and find inspiration for your upcoming wedding.

Wedding is an old tradition, and once it was the parents who chose their children's mate. At that time it was also the girl's family who should pay for the entire party. Much has changed since, but the individual traditions of the hangs, however still stuck. Including the belief that the bride and groom on the day should wear something new and hold a party beautiful surroundings.We can happily help you with both. In can as coming couple find is a large selection of our bryllupsstof. Here you will find silk, satin and many other fabric types. With our large selection, you can't possibly not get covered the table up with a nice table cloth, decorate the premises must be in or sew a beautiful wedding dress.

You must have the help to your brylluptema?


Do you want your big day to be held in a unique and beautiful setting? At G&M you will find a large selection of solutions for your upcoming wedding. We will help you to create the perfect wedding, so let your dreams become a reality and sew your own wedding dress. In addition to the enchanting fabrics for wedding dresses, lace and tulle, you will also find wonderful edging and ties that can give your dress the finishing touch. Or create your own bryllupsdekoration or decorations to the ceiling. Explore now our fabrics and be inspired for the big day. You must have substance in the ceiling for your wedding, then you have here the possibility to get the perfect drug, which is ready to hang up when you receive it.

A wedding requires a lot of preliminary work, and for most, it all starts long before the big day. The premises must be booked, invitations sent out and the theme must be selected. But not enough with it, so there must also be chosen menu, dress for bride and suit for the groom, as well as a lot of other small details. Nothing must be random on this day, which should be a memory for life. 

Bows and roses to decorate bryllupsbilen with

Bildekoration for the wedding is a must have if you are one of the close friends of the bridal couple or family member with the groom or the bride. In order to complete a wedding, must bryllupsbilen namely decorated according to all the rules of art, so the wedding couple can drive from the church in style. To dress up the means of transport, as the wedding couple driving away in is a bryllupstradition, which goes back a long way. A big part of the tradition is, that it is a secret, that the car will be decked out, so to be discrete, so the wedding couple does not notice it.

It is only the imagination that sets the limits for how bryllupsbilen need to embellish it up, but here on the page, you will find plenty of fabrics and other ornaments, which are ideal to have in the decoration. And remember, we always ship your orders quickly away, since we know how hard it is with slow delivery times.

We have a lot of fabric you can create loops out of, which is easy to put on bilhåndtaget. They are available in different colours and structures, but are most often held in the tulle and satin, as also are two widely used fabrics for bridal gown. You can also find tulle on the meter, so you can even create decorations for the car, and we also have lace, tulle and organza, if you have use for this.


To plan her wedding can be an unreal experience, but most brides say that it actually is when looking for their wedding dress that the truth really gets up for them. However, it can be difficult to find the right dress, and if you can't find the right on the hanger – what can a bride do? The answer is to have sewn your own wedding dress, so your fit to your body and taste. 

Let yourself daydream about wedding dresses and looks you love, and think about how they contribute to your dream wedding dress. Think about items you think are beautiful so you can incorporate them into your own wedding dress. When you have a vision of what your wedding dress should look like, the next step is to find a designer if you don't have the courage to sew the dress yourself. Find a designer where you like both their personality and style, because it often takes a lot of time to sew a wedding dress, so it eases the mood a lot if you enjoy working with the designer and their team.

At G&M, we help you find the right materials for your perfect wedding dress. There are countless ways in which you can design a beautiful wedding dress, but most importantly, it must suit your very wishes. Take a look at our drugs and let yourself be inspired. You will find, among other things, the following: Both chiffon, satin, lace and tulle, which is a great choice for your unique wedding dress.