Drug wholesaler

Since the G&M's start in 2015 we have striving ourselves to create the biggest and best selection of fabrics and textiles for our customers. Today, we have a large selection of fabrics for both home and business. The committee becomes still larger with the years while being gone down on quality.

Kvalitetsstof from experienced manufacturers

In the course of the years we have created contacts and agreements with major manufacturers of fabrics, respectively, in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Turkey. These agreements get you to good as a trader. If you need the drug because you are a tailor, designer or something else, so we can deliver exactly what you want. Our many appointments scattered around in Europe to ensure you that G&M can offer you all of the different types of fabric that you are looking for.

Our history stretches back to 2009. The company has over the years evolved very much. It began as a small hobby in the city of Aarhus is today one of the country's largest online retailers of fabrics and textiles. Our many years of industry knowledge and experience with fabric and textiles, we have widespread knowledge of the various types of fabric. We can therefore help you with the right solutions.

Just the right fabric wholesale

We have a wide selection on our webshop and if you do not find the quantities, colors, or qualities that you are hunting for, then call us on the telephone 61 41 90 76.It may be that you work in a school, a centre, an activity centre in a kindergarten, a day care or another place, which we have not thought of.Perhaps you need fun and exciting restepakker in larger quantities. It can be yarn or piece goods, zippers or sewing.It can be greater or less quantities, it is subordinate.We often have the goods in stock, which you do not you will find in the webshop.We will stretch ourselves far to meet your needs.