From hobby project to one of Denmark's largest online retailers

G&M history stretches back more than 10 years to 2009. The company has developed a lot over the years, and what began as a small hobby project in Aarhus is today one of the country's largest online retailers of fabrics and textiles.

It was in 2015 that Ghulam opened its textile business in Aarhus. The store grew gradually, and in 2017 the webshop opened g-m.dk, where the small shop took off.

Just as the store started in 2015, the vision is to become Denmark's largest and greenest retailer of fabrics and textiles. And the goal of offering danes the best service, advice and unique drug qualities. 

G&M elections in 2018 to close its store in aarhus and bet 100% on internet commerce to meet its goals. This has meant that the company today has a much wider range of fabrics at good prices. Today, no unnecessary amounts are spent on rent and other costs, which benefits you as a customer. G&M has not gone down on their good service that many customers have benefited from, on the contrary, they have become better at infomere, guide and service customers from questions regarding a meter goods to the delivery of the drug.

The customer in the center

For Ghulam, the customer's needs were always at the heart – for him it was about making everyday life for customers better. At the same time, he was constantly focused on reducing costs so that he could guarantee customers the best possible price.

Textiles are carefully selected from producer to producer. For G&M, it's about being able to deliver quality products in the form of everything from silk and velvet. Therefore, G&M has regular visits to France, the Netherlands, Italy and many other countries wheremake a great deal of use of sourcing the best products and textiles for customers.

At G&M, emphasis is placed on a subsidiarity principle and that personal contact with each customer is essential, whether by call or by email. 

A constantly evolving business

The story of G&M is a tale of a business that stretches back more than 10 years – and is still in development. 

Today, G&M is still working to make everyday life easier for customers and provide the best shopping experience.