Information on substance samples

Free fabric samples

Did you know that at G & amp; M you can order free fabric samples so you do not have to be in doubt about the quality of our fabrics?

You can order up to 5 different fabric samples for free, thereby getting the opportunity to evaluate the color, quality and structure before making a decision about your purchase. However, you stand for the freight of 29 kr.

It is completely free and you will receive the samples within 4-7 business days.


How do I receive my drug samples?

When you pass the fabric samples you will receive them within 4-7 working days. The delivery takes place in cooperation with DAO.

The package will be sent to you via home delivery via DAO. You receive the samples in an envelope.


What do I receive?

You receive fabric samples at a size of 7x7cm. The fabric samples you have selected you will receive with a number that you can later use to search for, and order exactly the fabric that you like best.


How do I order fabric samples?

1. Select the fabric you want a sample of. You will find our fabric sampleshere.

2. Press Add.

3. Go into the basket and write in order note what types of fabric you would like to receive. Remember max 5 pieces.

Ex. White cotton poplin-cotton Poplin WT 00

6. Complete your order.


You can also call us at 61 41 90 76 or write to us by mail if you need more information or help. Find more information about customer service here.