With the G & M, we want to make sure our customers make the best trade.

That is why we will match the price if you find an identical or a product that is very much like the product (material, quality) cheaper at other distributor.I bet you're the best deal every time you work at G & M.


Please make a purchase on a normal-time purchase. Then send an email to our customer service at info@g-m.dkwhere you illumination your order number. and attachdocumentation, in the form of a picture of the product, for example, of the price of the competition. The mail is to be sent to us on the same day, as has been done.Then we'll refund the difference to the credit card used within 14 days.


Pricing matches online on

We only match Danish store and online prices.

The offer must be valid and it must be able to be documented in the buying-in.
The date, the price and the store name must be able to be documented.

The item must be at the store at the time of the sale at the time of purchase.

Our price tag applies to all items in our web shop that are currently in inventory at the time. There can be no return home with a price match.

If the price matches against the Danish online shops are matched, it is only the item's sales price that matches. Services such as fraim, wrapping, etc. are not priced.

Discounts as a bonus, member discounts, customer club discounts, etc. are not covered.

There are not price matches on store sales, queue-sale, residue, end-of-sale sale, day-time offer, hour offers, local offers, openings, limited batches, demos, 2. sorting, products with fabrication defects. at the competitor and own store.

The G & M reserves the right to change the concept of the concept and associated conditions at all times and without notice.

Frequently asked questions :

1. I have found one item cheaper at another store, but G & M does not have it in stock. Can I order it home at G & M and get a price match on it?
Sadly, no. If we don't have the product on the stowaway, we're not ordering it back home for a price match.

I found an item cheaper in a shop. Can I get that price in your webshop? 
Yes, you can, if the price comes from another Danish shop with Danish prices.

3, can I get a price tag on your webshop?
Yes, you can, if the price comes from another Danish webshop, second Danish store, with Danish prices.